Two Hours to Go & One More Quick Question


On the Road - Fall 2009

I have one more question before CC’s seventy two hour experiment comes to an end…

If you could go anywhere, and stay there free of charge, and maybe even get paid to be there; where would it be?!?



A (Yummy) Example of the Benefits of Social Media!


This pic taken by Rachel (Lost in the Attic with Cupcakes) of Blosm and her Cuppa

So, a week or two ago I mentioned my friend Michael Markley’s natural whipped cream company, Blosm in a Valentine’s post.  My friend Rachel (a fellow foodie, to be sure) was intrigued and next thing you know she is featuring Blosm on her delightful blog…

I love the synergy of the blogosphere and am proud to be a part of such a community.  Thank you Rachel for introducing Michael and Blosm to your readers; I know they will be thanking you as well once they get their hands on their own can of Blosm!

A Quick Question


We are twelve hours into the 72 Hour experiment and I have a quick question for you. 

Have you, or your business, or a cause you believe in benefited from social media?  
(i.e. your Facebook Page(s), your Twitter Account, Linked In, your blog, linking websites with friends, etc)? 
We would love for you to tell us about it by leaving a comment on this post…

Be Part of the Excitement!



CC is conducting an experiment for an Escape Artist article (written by yours truly) highlighting the benefits of social media. Our goal is to quadruple our number of blog hits in 72 hours, starting…NOW!

***Will you ask your peeps to visit as well?***

If they enjoy it, they can sign up to receive e-mail alerts and/or even leave a comment or two…it’ll be fun!

If this experiment is a success I will post the article/stats here on our blog. 

PS I know I typically bribe you all with a contest; but let’s just say your reward this time will be our sincere gratitude and appreciation : )

A “Weighty” Subject


Starting Somewhere


I have come to believe that writing down one’s goals (or drawing them, photographing them, collaging them or whatever feels right) actually works for me.  

* If you haven’t tried this, please humor me and try it and let me know if you find it works for you.  If you have tried it, and it has worked for you, please let me know I am not alone here. * 

So, lately I am really doing my best to focus (2010 mantra) on my goals and was recently reminded of the effectiveness of writing them down by my new “friend”, Chalene Johnson.  

Let’s start with the picture.  I officially began my Beachbody workouts on February 1st (a little over three weeks ago) as fitness was number two on my 2010 Goal List (not very original, but that is OK).  

This is me opening my box of ChaLEAN Extreme workout videos, bands, guidebook, food guide, etc.  As you can see by my look, I had a few doubts and fears  mixed in with the relief of actually admitting I had a problem (or several) and actually deciding to do something about it (them). 

Chalene Johnson is “an entrepreneur, TV fitness personality, clothing designer, author, motivational speaker, choreographer, wife, mother of 2 and relatable girl next door”.   In other words, the woman is an inspiration.  

I “met” Chalene through my friends Bill and Lisa (who are very fit and fun people) when they suggested Beachbody to me after I mentioned my desire for a healthier lifestyle.  

A year (or two, ahem) later I decided to go for it – I joined Beachbody and purchased my first workout program (see above). 

I am not one to follow the latest fad.  I just woke up one day, feeling extra sluggish and uncomfortable in all of my jeans.  Even my overalls.  Scary.  

My struggle has always been with “big” thighs and hips, but now I had “muffin top” spilling over my jeans.  Sorry for the visual; just trying to let you know how dire the situation had become. 

For the past three weeks or so, I have been working out with Chalene, using her recipes, and listening to her “Extreme Motivation” CD.  

I love this CD because it is like having a really good friend in the room with you whenever you want; telling you how great and capable and deserving you are.     

Between the workouts and the constant motivation and the decreased carbs and wine consumption, (and perhaps most importantly, the support from the SO), I am feeling stronger and happier already.  

I still beat up on myself but not anywhere near as much as Idid only weeks ago.  I am just feeling….better all around. 

If you are a member of Beachbody, please become my online buddy (I blog on their site, as well).  No, I am not a Beachbody coach and no, I am not getting paid to talk about it.  I just like to share what works for me.  

If it works for you as well, then all the better; let’s be good friends and encourage each other, shall we?  XOX

The Sale of Mountain Girl Organics


Evergreen Farmers' Market, Summer 2008

Forgive the digression; it is just that, at this point, most of our Caretaking Couple readers are also familiar with my natural bath and body products business, Mountain Girl Organics

If you have not heard already, Mountain Girl Organics, LLC is going up for sale as soon as all of the bookwork is taken care of.  My realtor will be Sue Caicedo of Evergreen Commercial Group.  Here is her contact info:

Sue Caicedo
Keller Williams Foothills Realty
Evergreen Commercial and Residential Group
303-670-7732 Office
720-839-3484 Cell

I know a lot of you have questions (the most popular being “How Much Are You Selling It For?!?) and we are busy working on all of that. 

My inventory and equipment are currently with my friend and mentor Laurie Teason in Lakewood, CO.  She has a commercial kitchen there and would like to continue on with MGO. 

Laurie does not come with the sale : ) however she is familiar with all things MGO and would prove invaluable should someone without industry experience purchase MGO. 

***You can find Mountain Girl Organics pictures on my Facebook page.  Feel free to friend me (Valynne Bernetich) and/or become a fan of Caretaking Couple***

If you have questions or comments feel free to share.  If I can answer them, I will.  As soon as all info is gathered, the details of the sale will be left to Sue. 

Big hugs to all you friends, customers, and fellow greenies out there : )

Valynne & Paul

More Valentine’s Love…


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  Please see below for proof that you do not have to be all hot and heavy with someone in order to share the Valentine’s Love (although hot and heavy is a bonus)…

Flying Heart

Back in January I was reading my friend Rachel’s blog,, when I came upon this flying metal heart, created by Carissa Ann Fox.  I loved it and I wanted it.  The brown eyed fox was giving one away to Rachel’s readers that week and all we had to do to qualify was tell her what made our hearts happy.  Out of 68 comments, guess whose name was drawn? 

Mine!  Now I have my own flying heart!  You can have one, too – just click on her Etsy Shop button to the right of her blog, .  She makes heart bracelets and belts, also – I love this woman’s style and am still smiling every time I think about how I actually won the flying heart! 

While reading my comments one day not long ago, I came across one from “Valynne”.  Hmm – that was a first.  Come to find out, this Valynne was born on Valentines Day, and that is how she came by her name. 

My friend Sean found this picture of Valynne; her father made this rocket for a parade and that is Valynne on the rocket.  I love this picture!  Valynne, thank you for letting me share this and Happy Happy Heart Day and Birthday! 

The Other Valynne!

I was telling my new friend Judy the other day that Paul and I were keeping it simple when it came to gift – giving these days and next thing I know there is a call from her telling me to check the mailbox.  Judy had found this heart shaped tea cup at the flea market for $.50 and suggested that I serve Paul his morning tea in it on Valentine’s Day (today).  Judy – you are so thoughtful – thank you – Paul loved it!

Valentine's Cuppa for the Englishman

Speaking of tea, I am on an herbal kick these days (today actually marks my second week of Beach Body, which I will blog about soon).  My friend Emily of fame sent me this little Valentine Package…have you ever had Tea ForteHeaven, I’m in Heaven

And she actually knit a heart into this washcloth!  Oh, and Rachel (aka she who loves the polka dots), I had to share this wrapping paper with you.  Thank you, Em, my thoughtful (and very creative) friend.


And, Sunny –  I am so excited to have yet another heart to add to my collection!  Thank you, dear friend.

I met Sunny through my friend Kit.  Five of us women met at least once a month to share our creations and otherwise motivate and inspire each other.  We called ourselves the BAG ladies – short for Bolder Artists’ Group.  I miss you all! 

Sunny is working on her website as we speak  Keep going, Sunny – I can’t wait to see more pictures of you and your mom’s ceramic & wire wonders!

Oh, my.  I seriously had no idea just how much Valentine’s Love I had to share this Sunday.  I’m gonna have to keep going – can’t seem to help myself…

Heart Day on the Bay

I mean, just look at this morning!  And it keeps getting better…Paul is back with a Sunday Times and a Latte (latte’s signify special occasions for us)…

CC Sunday Morning

And you know what is really yummy with coffee?  And just about anything else for that matter?  Blosm. Whipped. Cream.

I met Michael Markley at the Conifer Farmers’ Market in 2008.  We traded soap for whipped cream that first day and I knew that it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

I have witnessed the blossoming of Blosm (sorry, couldn’t help that one) and am proud to know him – his whipped cream is natural and divine, and he was so much fun to have as a fellow market vendor. 

You Colorado peeps are so lucky – you can pick up Blosm at your local Whole Foods Market!  If you are lucky enough to meet Markley at a Blosm demo, please give him a hug for me.

Check out the Blosm website and find out what inspired Markley and his wife Kelli.  Oh, and be sure to enjoy a can of Blackberry Amaretto for me…serious YUM.  Which leads me to this:

Premier Issue of WWC

What does this have to do with Blosm, you ask?  Well, both are YUM, for starters.  My friend Christine won a copy of this Premier Issue of Where Women Create magazine in my last contest.  I love this magazine and am so happy it went to someone who will really appreciate it.  Especially since the premier issue has been sold out for a long time now.  If you want your own copy, prepare to shell out upwards of $100! 

Christine and Markley and I were The Three Muskateers at many a Farmers’ Market (That’s right, I am indeed talkin’ about Christine of Christine’s Canine Cookies fame).  Christine and her hubby Simon have a new baby boy named Oliver – so if you don’t see her at the market’s this summer, you’ll know why…

Sweet Milo Boy

Speaking of babies, this boy is most likely the closest Paul and I will get…is he not adorable?  And no, I did not plant that teddy bear for a photo op – Milo loves his stuffed animals and must have picked this one out for today, especially.  We. Love. This. Dog. 

OK, I think it is time for the NYT Book Review…

Again, Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you…Here’s to sharing the love…whatever kind of love it may be. XOX from Valynne and Paul

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