The Pond

Well, I hate to leave Valynne and Cape Cod, but when you need to see your drinking buddies then what can you do. 

The reality is I need to come back in order to complete the closing sale of the house, which I will certainly celebrate with a few pints. It’s been a long time coming. Then I will be looking forward to getting back to Valynne and our new life.

In my experience change is always rewarding and should be embraced rather than feared. Yes, you miss the familiar things and all the friendships you have made, but real friendships cut across all boundaries so I’m sure they will endure. I’ve always wanted to live by the water and now my wish has come true, so I’m not complaining.

I’m looking to get a flight early next week and be around for a week to 10 days and here’s the punch line…….I need your help. I still have a number of things to move out of the house. If you can help the beer’s on me…if you can’t…the beer’s still on me.  And the pizza.  Ken, can you organize an evening at my place? 

See you all soon.

PS If you have claimed or would like to claim anything on the Estate Sale list (Scroll down towards the bottom of the blog to see what is left) now is the time!  Call my cell at 303-478-6058.  Be sure to ask for your free bonus gift (from the garage) with purchase! That was Valynne’s idea.